this thing is still about things



1.  Technically, wouldn’t it be pronounced “miss-y” and not “misk-y” like I say it in my head?  We don’t say “misk-ellaneous”.

2. I have hilarious friends.  I have never been surrounded by so much dumb-assery as I am now.  Very lucky.

3. This clip never gets old to me.  NEVER.

Sometimes, the kids’ table is happy:

You know, this job isn’t so bad!  Not bad at all!

Other times, kids’ table is really unhappy:

I really should have finished school.

I do not have nearly enough pieces of costume jewelry for the project I’ve not even mentioned:

Sorry, no bananas for scale. Make do with the potato.

So here is the beginning of another project that will probably also get scrapped:

This took longer than it should have.  So much erasey.

I might should buy more vases:

Just for the taste of it!  (out of my garden!)

Sometimes, I am foolishly loved:

Either Miss Creepy loves MMOs or she should learn how to spell. Maybe both.

The Dr. told me that my fat wiener needs to lose weight and suggested a new dog treat.

What is this, a treat for ants? No, it’s for dogs. 30 calories vs. 5 calories. My dog hates me now.

I guess that’s really all that’s going on here.  So, yeah…nothing.

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