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Photo Dump: Gifs, yo


Between real life and fake life, I have been exceedingly scatter brained.  My bright orange debit card has committed suicide in the chaos of my bedroom.  Nightmares and night terrors have missed me, so they’ve come to call for a bit.

So, without further ado:

The caption is funny, but that is actually disgusting. Good life decisions right there.

Everything is comin’ up Milhouse! And I mean, *everything*.


This is actually what I spend most of my time doing while I’m escaping from the real world.


They made a gif out my little girl! D’awwww

Because, why the fuck not?

The gifs work, just give them a minute.  My favorite has to be that dancing otter in the upper right hand corner.  In other news, I should get cracking on spring time projects like yard work or car washing or spring cleaning.  Didn’t I have some sort of to do list at one point in my life?  It’s the end of May.  And as I think of all the things I’m not doing, I keep seeing that stupid cat gif shaking his head at me.  Nice.

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