this thing is still about things



I’d been away from Wendy for almost a week and found out that due to her distress, she had diarrhea for the first two days I was gone.  I’m not going to lie, that is probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever done because they missed me.  Nothing says devotion like irritable bowels.  At least she missed me.  She’s the first dog that has been all mine and it really illustrates how loving and loyal they can be.

She luffs meh.

She holds my place when I read.

me: “Don’t sit on the pillow!”   Wendy: “…fuck you, I’m a dog.”


I can rest my computer on her from time to time.

She’s not perturbed by garish anime girls.

Look at that face! Also, why do I look all LSP in this picture?

Yeah, I’m a dork and I love this dog.  More actual content to come.



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