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Into the Woods


Or, at the very least, the deck.  Next to some trees.  In the backyard.  Miss Creepy and I had a very fun and silly camp out.  I learned many things:  I can get cold (who knew?), there are large animals rooting around in my backyard and I am old and decrepit.  Sleeping on the deck is decidedly more uncomfortable than sleeping on the ground.  I was really sore during and after the fact.  But, as you will see, totally worth it:

This is the smallest tent in the world.  It also looks like it’s in pain.

Are you not prepared!?! Actually, yes she is with her glow stick jewelry and binoculars.  Wendy did not stay with us.

This picture does not accurately show the amount of books and drinks we had in there. Pictures may be less comfortable than they appear.

Things got silly.

Possible gang signs were thrown.

We told spooky stories. And even turned out the light for a while.

Eventually morning came. Very quickly, actually.

Josh missed out because he couldn’t behave.  I’m fully convinced he just likes to fight with me.  It’s understandable; lot of people like to fight with me and that poor kid has to put up with me so much.  So many posts lately, but so much going on.  I’m hoping even crafty-makey things after this weekend.  Here’s to hoping!

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