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Photo Dump: For Giggles


Fact: I can burn pasta because I’m easily distracted.

Here are some things to laugh and giggle at because I need to laugh just a little bit more:

You, too can be this happy. All you need is a hamburger.

“Math” vs. “Maths” Sorry Singaporeans, I call it math.

I don’t care if you’re sick of him. I love that cat.

Teach your children at a young age!

I don’t know if this is just Asian families or all immigrant families or all families everywhere. But it’s true.

I am decrepit.

Next project.

I thought this was a pan of brownies. PRO TIP: Brownies do not have corn plants growing out of them. Lesson learned.

Last, but never least, my imaginary boyfriend Crendor.  <3  (I think I’m the Non-Stop Swearer)

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