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Fatty McBitchalot


At the risk of sounding like a pig, I hate getting ripped off when I order food.  We ordered dinner from a local chain called Joe’s to Goes.  This is what we ordered:

Twenty *AMERICAN* Dollars!

Now, in retrospect, I guess it never said anything about it being for a family.  But a full rack of ribs, even the diminutive baby back ribs, is excessive for one person to eat.  But this is what arrived:

Full rack of ribs with a shot of cole slaw and baked beans.  They forgot the fries, by the way.

Also, am I the fucking Queen of England or something?  I’m in my pajamas.  I’m watching cartoons.  I do not need a $20 individual meal.  A $20 meal should require pants.

Also, the delivery driver, who received 20% tip on his big one mile delivery, was a confrontational jerk when he had to return and actually deliver the fries 30 minutes after the food got here.   So basically, I had some mediocre ribs.  The sides were disgusting, so maybe that was their plan to begin with.  4oz of terrible canned beans that you wouldn’t want to eat anyway and mayonnaise with a sprig of cabbage in it. 

The kids got hot dog meals and they were huge; I cut it in half and they ate one hot dog between them.  I’m not going to get into some discussion about portions and healthy food, but as a parent, are you kidding me?  Look at this:


Yes, that is a 7″ hot dog.  I should have gotten a girth measurement because that thing was huge.  That is a kids’ meal?  I’m actually so annoyed I’m not going to make an obligatory wiener joke.  I know, right?

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