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I have been living under a fucking rock or something.  I missed this FilmDrunk post from 4/4 about a little movie called Only God Forgives.  Baby Goose is in it:

I like to imagine these directors work with him, and then Baby Goose goes home and the directors get all sad and lonely, so they secretly take the shirt he wore home from wardrobe and sleep with it, and then they dream about him all night and wake up with the room smelling like butter and maple syrup. It’s Baby Goose magic. He’s like Santa Claus, only cuter.

Did you know it opens on my birfday?  You bought me gratuitous violence for my birthday?  How did you know?  IT’S MY FAVORITE!

Two more trailers in today’s post from FilmDrunk.  I didn’t think I could love FilmDrunk more than I already did, but OH MY.

Maybe it’s the music.  Maybe it’s the Thai setting.  Maybe it’s because the corrupt police officer looks a little bit like my friend’s Dad.  Most likely it’s the violence.  Either way, I’M SCREAMING BECAUSE I’M EXCITED!

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