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“Discretion, Ladies!”


You know, I really like playing Warcraft.  I know, headline news, right?  But the one thing I really hate about anything video games is the one jerk that is trying to sex it up.  It’s definitely different in Warcraft than in other types of games; it is a fantasy game, after all.  In fact, the ladies that I run with find that Warcraft is fairly safe and comfortable place to pretend to be someone else.  It’s the same for me–I get to fulfill my fantasies of murdering bad guys and getting imaginary rewards while other people get to fulfill other types of fantasies.

I will fuck you up 6 ways to Sunday and not even have a hair out of place.

But recently, we had a new addition to our little guild family and I disliked her from the start.   I am not sure if this is a guy pretending to be a girl, or just a very tactless, disgusting and aggressive bitch.   She doesn’t know when to lay off and I prefer to be non confrontational until I’ve been pushed well past my limit.   But one thing that truly grinds my gears is how she types.  It’s fingernails on the chalkboard of my soul:

How is anyone this bad? How do you even do this on purpose?

It’s like this all the time.  In case you blacked out from that, it reads as follows:

all rps girls shuld join in to a masive blow out that me Drakjanney will host in my own little slice of paridice quiet and beautyful and accesable at all lvls :P be redy to drink alot i have 1k to blow on party favers so dont make me waist it lol

Yeah, so um, no.  I much prefer my soul be tormented by more pleasant entities such as demons or Lyme disease.   Hopefully this problem will go away, and soon.

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