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Photo Dump: Brain garbage


1. I’m totally hooked on The Dresden Files.

You will love him, too. Promise.

Since when does a T-Rex not make things better?


2.  I should put him in my boyfriend album for Lars and the Real Girl alone.

We all know what Ryan is spending his money on.


3.  This is true, but will always be difficult.

Still, majestic as fuck.


4. I am stalking furniture from my past.  This actually does not surprise me.

I miss that table. There is a little crack on the decorative lip that you can’t see. 


5.   I could watch this all day:



6.  He earned them by attending class.  Doesn’t matter, got patches:

Be patient, and you can kick a grown man in the chest so hard he flies through the air..


7.  Also, I hope you didn’t need to breathe for the next couple months:

It’s literally like a thin layer of sand on everything. I’m being lung fucked.





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