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Photo Dump: Blast from the Past Edition, Part 2


Two of my many loves: food and art.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always loved.


Never gets old.

1. Ramen, cooked traditionally and then drained.  Peanut butter, peanuts, green onions, lime juice and cock sauce.   No cilantro or bean sprouts because I didn’t have any that day.


Escargot. No es cargo.

2. My dad grew these monsters in our pond and my…uncle in law?  I guess uncle is the appropriate term.  Anyway, my uncle used to harvest them and sell them to restaurants.  Probably Asian restaurants because I can’t really picture that guy selling snails to some fancy Euro/French restaurants but you never know.




3. Damn, I’m hungry.  I haven’t made egg rolls in years.



Dog in repose.

Sac à dos De l’étage

4.  I used to draw stuff that was identifiable.   Now, not so much.  Mr. Gallo, I miss you and your mustache and Jr. High Art II.     (Those pictures are from high school, and my jr high work was probably superior to that.  I’m the Benjamin Button of art.)



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