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Photo Dump: Blast from the Past Edition, Part 1


Ha!  That’s kind of a long title.  I spent the day getting WEEPY over webcomics (I love the robot, too!) and reconsidering my decision to have children.  Not really.  Kids are just difficult some days and I’m always going to think that deep, deep down that I don’t really deserve to be a parent.  And then I take my child to Tae Kwon Do and I see how real children behave in the wild and am reminded that my kids are pretty awesome.

Also, quick confession:  I am a stupid girl that gets jealous over dumb stuff.   Oh, you are her Facebook friend now? Oh, she’s also on Moon guard?  Huh.  What a fucking slut bitch.  SEE?  Where does this bullshit come from?  Why am I still in Jr. High?  I can take something totally innocuous and stir it into some crazypants garbage, no?  That girl is probably a very classy lady.  I am an asshole sometimes.

So back to my original blog post intention: old pictures!  I found that I uploaded a bunch of pictures to my old LJ acct and I wanted to share because I’m all filler lately.


We waited and we LIKED IT.

1. Does anyone miss this?  Waiting to get into realms? Running around on foot for 40 painfully long levels?  I recently had this conversation while questing in Menethil Harbor.

me: It was always kind of dangerous, since this was the only way to get back and forth between continents.  Horde would hide on the boats and slaughter us on the way to Theramore.
her: Why not go from Stormwind?
me: There wasn’t always a harbor in Stormwind.
her: Well then how did you get to Northrend?
me: There wasn’t always a Northrend!

I went on to explain about mix tapes, prank calling on corded phones, rewinding movies and film that you put in cameras and had to take to the store to get developed.


Since we’re being old today.

2.  I submit the above as proof that I have always been a grammar nerd.  I also sound super foreign in that conversation.   Now everything is all fancy and fast with whatever method the kids are using now.  The last thing I knew of was newsgroups, but probably now it’s some direct and immediate download to your fancy wireless device or brain or butt hole or whatever.  What the fuck do people do now that you don’t have to set up your downloads over night and hope they don’t crap out?


UNRELATED:  I just heard on the news: “transplant tainted by rabies”.  DAMN  The original thing I was going to say was the reporter’s pronunciation of the fish crappie.  I grew up in a very hunting and fishing heavy area and I’ve always pronounced “croppie”.  Wiki says it’s both ways (heh) but really, who wants to fish for CRAPpie?


Civilization the Third

3.  Nothing makes me giggle more than giving myself funny names to play on Civ.   You can find me on Steam (same name as this blog & twitter, hit me up!) playing Civ 4 when I’m not playing Warcraft.  So, pretty much almost never.

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