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ChÜberlist 2013: Year of Whatever


Now, on January 4th when I said “ChÜberlist 2013 will be posted tomorrow”, I totally lied and decided to do whatever I fucking wanted.  Hence the Year of Whatever is born.

Go ahead. I ran out of fucks to give.

I need a lot of organization in my life but strangely enough, things feel like they’re finally for me instead of the whole rest of the world.  So the pressure is off.  From the rest of the world, at least.  The crazy voices in my head are still as frantic as ever, running around and flailing their arms, but at least that’s normal.  So without further ado:

1. Fix roof leak in bedroom.
2. Remodel laundry room.
3. Replace front door and side lights.
4. Replace kitchen windows
5. Landscape around deck.

6. Use a chainsaw to cut down trees.
7. Hire a maid either for catch up or maintenance.
8. Re-do picture wall in living room.
9. Paint a quote on living room wall.
10. Buy a new deep freeze.

11. Clean out the garage.
12. Take down plexiglass from stairwell.
13. Build new fence gate.
14. Sell stuff on craigslist.
15. Learn how to French braid Robin’s hair.

16. Draw something at least once a week.
17. Homeschool paperwork to be turned in to state by 1/30.
18. Obedience lessons for Wendy.
19. Learn how to play Home on the Range on the guitar.
20. Paint the kids’ closets.

21. Make Josh a giant Pikachu for his birthday.
22. Donate kids clothes/toys by 2/28.
23. Draft 3 manuscripts this year.
24. Start journal project by 1/31.
25. Celebrate Chinese New Year.

26. Buy 4 pairs of jeans this year.
27. Order meat from the meat market instead of buying at the grocery store.
28. Use the reusable shopping bags.
29. Recycle more.
30. Recover files from all my crapped out computers.

31. Buy the kids a computer.
32. Use the treadmill or sell it by 2/28
33. Actually use the dvr settings on the new dvrs.
34. 1 hour of chores every day.
35. Schedule chores.

36. New carpet for the living room.
37. New front porch.
38. Hire a lawn service
39. Mend all the towels and bedsheets.
40. Computer off by midnight on weeknights.

41. Plan a vacation this year and actually GO.
42. Go to Lego Land!
43. Go to the Train Museum!
44. Go to the aquarium again!
45. Purge the crap out of my house.

46. Finish Joy’s quilt by 3/31.
47. Timeline DIY and craft projects and break down into realistic increments.
48. Birthday socks to be completed at least a week before birthdays.
49. Stop drinking Diet Coke by 4 PM.
50. Grow a plant, keep it alive.


I’d like to clarify that since it’s 1:55 AM on 1/9/2013, I’m off to a pretty shitty start.  I still have a Christmas wreath on the wall, by the way.  Whatever.

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