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Some People Have Problems


And when I say problems, I mean this:

Why is my goblin dressed like a stripper?

Someone.  Someone explain to me why my goblin is wearing a halter top, bikini underwear and garters.   Thanks a lot, heirloom gear.  I understand that the WoW demographic is overwhelmingly male, but really?  This?

You know what?  I don’t want to know.  Let’s just leave this question alone.

And since I’m talking about problems, I guess I’ll note here that it’s almost 1 AM and I’m having sleep anxiety again.  I guess I’ll take something.  I had a terrible dream this morning.  It was not the scariest, per se, but let’s just say that it was easily the most disturbing dream I’ve had.  I tried to ignore it but the acid in my stomach just exploded.  Of course it did.  Because why wouldn’t it when I’m taking the kids out to breakfast and to drop off letters to Santa and the neighbors are outside?  Opening the car door and puking in your driveway is just another way to stay classy, I suppose.

On the upside, Christmas cards are done, blank pages are being sent to the North Pole (like I’d really send off my first born man child’s Christmas list that he wrote with his own hand!) and it’s finally cold enough for me to wear a tee shirt instead of tank tops.  Everyone else is in footie pjs and sweatshirts but they are lucky I’m not opening the windows.  Cold enough to make soup for dinner.  I wish it would last for a couple months at least instead of a few days.

Fun fact: my son was having trouble with the n in “thank you” but he can spell Nerf Blaster  easy peasy.  Thank you, target advertising.  It’s the only thing he asked Santa for because Santa has a lot to do and he knows Mom does most of the shopping anyway.  SMART BOY.

I have more to discuss like my new baby but it can be summed up here:

Yeah…pretty accurate, actually. I’M VERY EXCITABLE!

This is pretty much my Christmas, Hanukkah  New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Tax Season End present.  I will take it and be grateful.

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