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CSI: Laurence Fishburne edition


I have never watched CSI before and I happened to catch it on Spike TV (I went to bed watching Tattoo Nightmares, which is a cheesy ass show).  I watched the last 15 minutes of “No Way Out” and Laurence Fishburne’s voice is so soothing and steady it about made me pass out.  I love this guy.  Not in a “be my boyfriend way”, but in my crazy google-eyed totally in awe kind of way.

Okay, maybe in a boyfriend way.  Would he even be my boyfriend at this age?  Would we be “seeing each other”?  

Since I’ve been typing, another episode has come on.  Fuck.  I had shit to do today.  Shit, is the cop the guy from Top Gun?  No, it’s not.

What stands out to me are his roles in Boyz N the Hood, The Matrix and Akeelah and the Bee.  I’ve never seen Apocalypse Now and I was never into Pee Wee’s Playhouse, so there’s that.  I know there’s been so many other things he’s been in, and things I’ve seen him in, but I had to stop and celebrate him for a bit this morning since he’s the one that side tracked me.

No glasses? Is he wearing an “S” under that suit, too?


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