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Belated Halloween


Since it’s almost Thanksgiving here in the States, I thought I would wish everyone a happy belated Halloween!  We didn’t do much in terms of decorating; we only did a few knick knacks around the house.  One thing we do is read Halloween stories every night.  Some of our favorites are Room on the Broom, The Widow’s Broom and The Disney Scary Storybook  Collection.

We overbought on candy as we do every year because I am always hopeful that we’ll get a bunch of trick or treaters.  There are kids that live right next door and right across the street and they either didn’t go or just didn’t go in our neighborhood.  Very disappointing.

Another disappointment:  Josh didn’t go trick or treating.  He was so bad he didn’t get to go.

Yes, I punished my 5 year old child’s punishment by taking away a once a year event.

Dear god, I hope this is my epitome of being a tiger mom because I will tell you: it sucked balls big time.  I love my boy.  My first born baby boy.  My sweet, innocent, beautiful amazing man child.  To be fair, he can also be a total ass.  He is 5 years old and  gives me the silent treatment.  He’s also got a death stare.  He simply picked the wrong day to go toe to toe with me to see who was the bigger asshole and I won.  I don’t need to go into details but essentially he refused to answer a simple question and subsequently refused to talk all day.  Have you ever heard a 5 year old not talk all day?  I thought that this was a complete and total impossibility like vagina dentata or non-annoying hipsters or something but it happened.  He didn’t even talk to Dad (his favorite parent of all time) which got him in worse trouble.

He was going to be Batman, and at some point in the day I bet he wished he really was since Batman’s parents are dead.

So instead, Dad took Robin out and she turned heads all night:

How the hell is this my beautiful child? Seriously.

One of my friends asked if I made her costume and I just laughed and laughed and laughed.  No, got it from Wal-Mart but I did do some alterations:

That there is pure talent. Rubber bands are the new talent, by the way.

I didn’t want to ruin it, so rubber bands were my best option.  I was afraid that sewing it would damage the delicate (cheap?) fabric and since it’s so big, we’re definitely using it again.

Even Wendy got in on the Halloween cosplay action:

Wonder Wendy to the (slow and waddling) rescue!

Josh finally talked around dinner time and wants to wear his Batman costume next year.  He’ll be okay.  I hope he learned that there are worse things in the world than not talking to your Mother.  This was taken the next day:

Or maybe these are just my kids dressed up as happy kids?

And thus ends my story of the Halloween that was and the Halloween that wasn’t.  I got good candy and so did the kids (whether they trick or treated or not).  I’m hoping we’re all in better Halloween spirits next year.

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