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Sweater Time!


Man, I’m dumb.  Sometimes, I can pick up things so fast and it immediately becomes second nature.  And then there’s the rest of my life where I am sharp as a marble.  For reasons totally unbeknownst to me, I hate reading directions.  I assume I can just do things because usually I can unless it’s yarn related.  And then, if I do read the directions, I assume I can just mix things up and change them to suit what I want to do; wing it, if you will.  I blame this on reading too many blogs written by people who are proficient at these skills.  People that don’t take a month to make kid socks.  I am torn between hating and wanting desperately to be these people.  Anyway…

I am almost done with my first top down yolk sweater and it’s super cute on Robin.  It only took me eleventy jillion years and a lot of frustrated throwing of things to get it to the almost done point.  Lots of ripping out.  Lots of trying on.  It was going to be a sweater dress but fuck that it’s going to be a long-ish sweater.  She’s 3.  It doesn’t matter.  The whole thing is based off of the I <3 U sweater but done all stupid and wrong and ass backwards and whatever.  I only have the bottom end to do but check out how much this kid loves it:

This is my favorite girl in the whole world.

She’s so patient.  Josh will be getting a sweater vest because again, I’m a lazy shit.  But it will be one he will actually wear this time because it will have skulls and crossbones and he’s approved my preliminary plans.  I’ve been approved by a 5 year old.  It’s not as easy as you might think.

FYI, he still wants me to make him a giant stuffed Pikachu.  Giant as in he wants one he can lay on.  Yeah, I think that’s crazy, too, but the even crazier part of me is thinking…always thinking…

3 thoughts on “Sweater Time!

  1. Tome of the Ancient

    OMG! You’re me, I’ll have to rummage through a bazillion photos but I know I have a picture of my daughter wearing the dress, scratch that, sweater I made her except mine was about double her width. And I had the nosebleed from hell too. Except if it gets really bad the upside is they stick cocaine (no really) in your nose to try to stop the bleeding and if that doesn’t work you get to lay in the hospital on morphine for days. That’s when I had to stop knitting, picking your nose with knitting needles is dangerous business.

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