this thing is still about things



Wow, so almost a month, huh?  Let’s play catch up in bullet point form:

  • I’ve been busy teaching and the kids have been busy learning.  I think I’m pushing Josh pretty hard but hopefully not too hard.  He can spell all the days of the week, even Wednesday.

  • I don’t have night terrors as much as I did when I posted last.  I’d say I’m down to twice a week so that’s really good.  I still have nightmares but I’ll trade regular old nightmares every night for the rest of my life to night terrors.  Nightmares are a cake walk.

  • The Mists of Pandaria expansion is coming out in a month or so, so it was nice knowing ya.

  • Robin’s birthday is also coming around in a month or so.   She’s getting a big girl bed. I’m making a princess quilt AND birthday socks AND am somehow going to decorate her bed on the sly AND do some sort of canopy thing.  In secret. Because I’m stupid.

  • Wendy gets a manicure once a month.  I wish I had a manicure once EVER.  I’m kind of grumpy right now.

  • I’m using my bedroom as an office even though I have an office downstairs.  I can’t fit my bed in the office though.  I’m so lazy.  I should really use my office.

  • There are no pictures in this post so I though I’d distract you with size and color instead.

I had a bunch of stuff here but it came out all depressing so instead I will leave you with a dinosaur joke:


How does a dinosaur cut wood?

With a dinosaw!


You’re welcome.


Good night for now.

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