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Photo Dump; Bonus Feature Edition


They do. They truly do.

My yarn is so sick of me.

Soylent green?  This was serendipitous.

Alfred Hitchcock

Really, Google? I can assure you, I absolutely did not mean that.

BONUS FEATURE:  Bulleted random confession list!

  • I love to eat sweetened condensed milk on white bread.  I haven’t had it in forever,  but it’s delicious and will possibly kill you.
  • I do not want to home school my kids, but I am doing it anyway.
  • I still own a VCR/DVD combo.  Okay, I own two.
  • I will give the dog a bath while I take a shower if the kitchen sink is filled with dirty dishes
  • I’m very superstitious.  Over the years this has made me feel stupid, embarrassed, comforted and afraid.
  • I can’t do pull ups.  I have the weakest, shortest T-Rex arms ever.

I really only love you that much.

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