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Sorry, watching Alex’s Day Off and she’s making steak.  Steak is pretty simple but it’s easy to mess up.  I’m of the school that if someone else makes it, even if it’s just a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it’s better.

EDIT: I just noticed that Alex looks really…Stepford-y in her bio pic.

ANYWAY, Mother’s Day has come and gone and I had a pretty relaxing day.  I cooked a roast and would have eaten it all myself if it weren’t for those darn meddling kids (and husband).  I got a wonderful gift for myself for Mother’s Day:


and this.

Which when cracked out of the books, looked like this:


and all of this.

And this.

I am overwhelmed. In a great way.  I keep running things by the Mr.  “what about this? This?  THIS? Why not this? Why NOT this?”.  Don’t tell anyone, but the accountant has a good eye for design and color as long as it’s presented to him in a visual form.   He’s a good sounding board, and isn’t afraid to tell me when something isn’t right.  He might not know what it is that’s wrong but he at least knows when it’s not right.

Some of the paper backing was easily peeled off, the others I just cut off because the glue was so strong that I thought it would have changed the color of the fabric.  The paper on the back of the tapestry fabric is simply not coming off.  I’ve cut all the viable solids into 1.5″ postage stamp squares.  What I’ll do with all the squares, I’m not sure yet but am leaning towards 6″x6″ checkerboard style depending on how many squares I actually have.  The embossed stripes I’m not sure yet.  The tapestry fabric I have no idea.  It’s beautiful and pricey.  I’m thinking of just framing the nicer ones for my craft room (that is still not cleaned or painted, tick tock).  It was breaking my heart how some of the tapestry fabric was hacked out.  Especially since it was pretty expensive:

Retail is more expensive I know, but still.  CRINGE.

Did I mention I got all the fabric for $2 at Cheapos?  There were more books, but the fabric was very upholstery and very 80’s.

Okay, fine.  If they’re still there in a week, I’ll consider it.

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