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Saturday was just one of those days.  I don’t know why, but I was in a seriously piss ass mood.  I decided that the only thing that was going to solve my mood problem was shopping and doughnuts.


My new favorite store was having a Cinco de Mayo sale so I decided to go.  By the way, I think it’s fantastic that retailers will use anything as an excuse to have a sale even if it’s completely unrelated.  It benefits me immensely as I’m a cheap bastard.

Speaking of cheap, Cheapos Thrift is the best store ever.  It’s a fantastic thrift store that is what it should be–thrifty and unpretentious.  Have you been to a hipster thrift store?  It’s a pain in the ass.  I donate to Goodwill but I don’t shop there; I only go to Salvation Army on 50% off Wednesdays.  But holy cow cheese, Cheapos is great.  I never have enough time to browse as I want to because I’m toting kids around but that is where I’ve been getting costume jewelry for crafts.  They had rings on sale for $1 so I had to get more!

Shiny! Sparkly! Exclamations!

The purple ring is Robin’s as a reward for using the toilet rather than the potty.  I am still unsure if I’m going to use the green ring; I might want to actually wear it!  Yes, I know the rings are the same with different colors but I’m sure I’ll use them in different applications.  Also, ONE DOLLAR.  In fact, the little one was 25 cents.  I have other trinkets from Cheapos (cameos, earrings, etc) that will be used, too.

Saturday’s trip was particularly amazing because I found these:

The Knitting Collection, Golden Press

The Knitting Collection by Golden Press was released in 1982 in two volumes and a third was added in 1985.  The full three volume collection is online from around $35-$60.  You can get one volume for as little as $5.  I scored all three in perfect condition.  Guess how much it cost?  Guess!  You’ll never guess!

seventy freaking five cents!

I KNOW, RIGHT?  It’s unbelievably full of technique and information, none of which go out of style.  I wish I could just absorb the information.  Most of the patterns are fantastic, though some are dated.  So many patterns are timeless though:

Wait, is this a brother or a sister?

Love that boat neck!


I want this!

How can you not want this?

Will post pics of me and @knittingryang when complete. HA!

At a later date I’ll post some hilarious pictures from the book but I still need more time to digest everything.  I’m a lucky gal!

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