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Inspirational Procrastination


When there’s something that needs to be done, I can surely be found doing something else.  I tend to be easily distracted with every passing thought.  I actually have guests coming to visit during Memorial Day weekend, so before they get here, I need to paint the kitchen, sewing room and finish staining the deck.  I was supposed to have the deck done by May 1, but with all the wiener dog drama it wasn’t happening.  This all needs to be done because 1.)  it totally needs it and 2.) I’m embarrassed of how shitty my house looks.  Some stain got put on the deck today, but it was a pain trying to do stuff with the kids and the dog desperately wanting something from me.  I’ll try to do more each morning but I have to admit that the plethora of spiders under the deck is a real turn off.  There are pages and pages of to-do lists in detail for the rest of the house, but the furthest I’ve gotten is packing up some stuff in the sewing room.  Slack ass.

So instead of doing all of the important stuff, I’ve been doing anything else.

Second verse, same as the first.

The Mr. has a lady in his office that just had a premature baby.  Something like 12 weeks early, I think.  So scary!  It’s a boy and he’s doing well–he hasn’t even needed a ventilator so that’s a good sign.  Another pinwheel blanket is on the needles and I love how it’s coming out.

Fancy treasure!

I was inspired by this Jeweled Christmas Tree and have started pawing around for some cheap costume jewelry.  I definitely want to do the tree, but I’d also like to do an R for Robin’s room.  I’m not religious but I love religious art so I have also been thinking of doing a fancy pants cross, too.  The possibilities are endless!

This one is my favorite bauble.

Thanks to the Salvation Army’s half-off Wednesdays, I scored four pillowcases for $2.  I am looking at this tutorial and this tutorial.  SO CUTE!

Yellow! Floral! Vintage!

Half off price, triple the flavor!

The only other thing I’ve done that’s been mildly productive is circular needle organization.  Here is what works for me:

I know I didn’t invent the wheel, but I’m happy with it.

I absolutely had to use the label maker because I can’t stand my handwriting.  I also needed to have the cards removable because I know I’ll rearrange them once I find all the other stray circs.

Nothing else is going on, which is totally fine by me.

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