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Bürgermeister der Wenderstadt


May I present (again) Wendy Wenders, Mayor of Wenderton:

Screwing around with my webcam software.

This is week two of having a dog. Sunday night was the one week mark.  That night she was laying in bed with me when she woke up suddenly.  It looked like she was trying to roll over onto her back and had one paw pulled up in that oh-I’m-too-round-and-fat-to-roll-over-properly pose.  But she was stiff and her eyes were scared.  She suddenly started trembling and shaking pretty violently so I just held her.  The Mr. was Googling what the hell was going on and thought she might vomit so I put her down on the floor.  When she tried to stand up, her back arched as if she was going to poop (she didn’t).  We could see she could not control her body.  I held her again and and started crying and took her outside in case she lost control of her bowels or needed to vomit.  She’d be okay and walk around for a minute and then her gait would be totally off.  She laid down on the ground as if she was exhausted.  All I could think was I am going to have another animal die in my arms.  What a fucking bad cosmic joke.  Everything finally calmed down but not before a lot of crying.  And me pushing Wendy out of my face because she was trying to lick my tears.  She settled for licking the tears off of my shirt.  Weirdo. Sweet, but still weird.

I made her vet appointment the next day for Tuesday at 2 PM.  She then had two more episodes that day so I moved her appointment up to 9:30 (cancelling my own Dr. appointment).   FYI, the vet that I went to is the same one that put Boris down so when I called and told them who I was, they were immediately like “oh, we remember you.  How ARE you?”

I was tense as shit when explaining Wendy’s symptoms.  She also had a cough that I was worried was heart worms.  I just knew that after adopting this dog she would be riddled with death and disease and sorrow.  I became paranoid at two rounded nodes above her hips that felt tight.

Were they contracted muscles?
Were they tumors on each side of her body?
Why didn’t I notice them before?

They did all the tests and Wendy was kind enough to cough for them.  The good news is that she has kennel cough and not heart worms or any worms for that matter.  The bad news is that she is 17.6 lbs and needs to be 14-15 lbs.  The vet said that the seizures are something I will need to monitor and track the frequency, duration and severity.  There are anti-seizure medications but her seizures are for the most part mild and the longer we can keep her off of medication the better.  So there’s that.

Also, the little bulgy parts on the dog?  Fat.  Thanks, Doc.

I love her though, and as corny as it sounds, she’s healing my heart nicely.  She also smells like Doritos when she comes in from outside, so that’s good and bad.  There are worse things to smell like.

I heart this dog so much I almost bought this. Go check out this Hug A Pug Studio’s etsy store by clicking the picture!

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