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Wendy Wenders


I got it in my head that if I got a dog, it would not be a betrayal to Boris.  I thought and thought about it until it was consuming.  I didn’t realize how much having a pet impacted my life.  I don’t know when I’ll get over Boris.

This where Boris should be this afternoon.

So after a bit of badgering and heart string pulling, the Mr. caved and let me adopt a dog.  It was a windy Monday, so we named her Wendy.  Sometimes Wender.  Sometimes Wendy Wenders.  Sometimes Wendy Wenders Wiener Dog:

I always want to say "dash hound".

I adopted from the Walton County Animal Shelter for two reasons:  1) they were the only place that had a small dog that we wanted and 2) it was only $40 for the adoption fee.  Also, we got a free bag of dog food and a voucher for a free rabies shot.  There were 4 people who applied for this dog so it was like we won the dog lottery!

Here is  a series of pictures of what Wendy likes to do:

On the way home from the shelter.

On the couch. At least the hair will blend in.

On the Mr's pillows.

Wendy is sweet and you can tell she’s been an inside dog to someone.  She whines when she wants to go outside and she’s doing well on treat/clicker training. She sleeps in her carrier at night and is about on the same potty schedule as Robin.  The kids are almost used to her but still get freaked out when she runs up to them and Josh won’t feed her treats yet.  Today was the first day I really heard her bark (door bell and neighbor) and she has a BIG dog bark.  She’s definitely a dog (as opposed to a cat, duh) so it’s been good.  I have a new distraction and a new love without diminishing any memory of Boris.  Nothing will replace him ever, but maybe I can get a new cat in another 13 years.

We’ll see.

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