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Weekend, finally


Wow, what a bullshit week.  Tax season is over, though, and it’s nice to have a (somewhat) normal weekend coming up.  I’ve been trying to keep busy and distracted. I’m trying to keep from bringing the whole world down:

See what I mean?

So instead of sharing my sads, here is a quick photo dump:

Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Piggy Paint is great, but I seriously recommend the glittery ones vs. the solid color ones.

This is how I've felt my whole life. Basketball is my nemesis.

We were going to get a shag rug, but monkeys trump EVERYTHING.

I can't replace Boris, but damn.

In other news, I made something!  I used this tutorial and made this:

This was harder than I thought it would be.

I like it enough, but I'll use a different cording next time.

Anyway…life goes on.

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