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Trauma Drama


I haven’t posted crafty content lately because I’ve been busy trying to complete Springtime projects.  Outdoorsy things like cleaning up my privacy weeds or cutting down trees or what have you.  It’s been nice weather lately, and I’ve been trying to take advantage of it.  I hate the heat and have been cursing its early arrival.

Replace cloud with sun and Grandpa with me and it’s spot on.

Anyway, as I mentioned in a previous post, I need to finish staining the deck, hence it needs to be half assed washed off.  I had the Mr. clean out underneath first with the blower when I noticed a big bunch of leaves or crap or whatever in one of the supports.



(and some dead babies in it, too?  What the fuck?)  The baby bird few out as it was falling from the nest and landed safely.  It couldn’t fly up or anything, but thank god it was able to coast its way to safety.  The birds in the nest were not the same species so I wonder if another bird laid eggs in the nest and the parents killed it or if the parents took over an abandoned nest?  They were Carolina wrens, and I couldn’t find anything about them killing babies or stealing nests so who knows.  They do mate for life and they were freaking out over me.  I was so sure they were going to peck my eyes out but they didn’t.  They just fed the baby and kept watching me, tweeting and being generally suspicious and angry.

This is what it looks like, but no snow because IT NEVER SNOWS.

I called my friend in a panic (“running around screaming doesn’t seem to be doing anything!”) and she told me to put everything back where it was.

Well craps, we couldn’t because the baby was freaking the fuck out.  I’d scoop it back into the nest but it was just trying to get away from me so I used a ball cap to try to keep it from flying out.  Worked out great because then I had a nest with two dead birds in it in one hand and a freaked out live baby bird in my Duff beer hat.  I stashed both under the deck stairs and hoped for the best.  The bird was in its nest later and was still alive the next day so that’s all I can check on without going crazy.  Do your thing, Nature!

On the upside, I now have an excuse to not stain the deck!

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