this thing is still about things

AK not necessary


As a product of the 90’s, I can never think “it was a good day” without qualifying that conclusion with the knowledge that a Russian assault rifle was unnecessary.

Determining the quality of my days since 1993.

I decided we all needed outside time because there was a package in the mailbox and Josh couldn’t get it out by himself.  I figured if I had to put on shorts and go outside, I might as well enjoy it.  I was surprised to find a gift to me!

I love tins! How did you know?

It was a complimentary gift from the HVAC company.  They were very appreciative that I spent a ton of money to replace two A/C units.  Thank goodness we did it just in time for the 80+ degree weather to go back to being cool and comfortable.  Even better than the tin was what was inside:

Most expensive cookies ever.

They were gone quickly.  The afternoon was nice, and we hung out in the front yard and soaked up the afternoon sun.  I was lazy and didn’t even make Robin put on pants.

Living the dream.

We played nature tracker and found this:

My daughter's egg.

Not a bad day.  Not a bad day at all.  Hopefully more days like this.

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