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12 Hour Sleep


I slept for 12 hours last night.  I’m tired from working but also I might be getting sick.  Also, I suspect that I am seriously lazy.

I did NOT rent a power washer.  I know this is the complete opposite of what you thought I was going to do and comes as a complete surprise.  It was HUGE.  So instead, I decided to finally set the mailbox in cement and plant things.  I had helpers:

They actually helped some, which was amazing. Also, check out that bedhead on Robin.

Here is the before picture:

Before as in, right after I took out the mailbox and started digging.

I had no idea that the decorative grass was so scratchy.  It’s like lemongrass and I was getting torn the fuck up.  I cut it back and threw it down, but I’m dumb and ended up sitting on it so my legs are all scratched up.  I’m smart.

There was so. much. dirt.  In fact, I probably didn’t need to take out that much dirt.  Oh well.  It’s too late now.  And I really half assed the mailbox thing because the bag of quick set has been in my basement for like 2 years now.  It’s accumulated moisture and I had to bust it up before using it.  That was tedious, so I didn’t really put that much effort into it.  The important thing is that it’s sturdier than it was before and it’s level.  Here’s my end result:

Um...I need some more rocks. Also, I should have swept more.

I just need to go into the back yard and get like, a LOT more rocks.  But probably not today because of that whole sick/lazy/absolutely-no-desire-to-do-any-of-that-bullshit.  Still, looks better than it did before, but it’s tiny in the scheme of my unexpectedly large yard.  I dumped the dirt along the side of the driveway because it’s eroding badly and has started compromising the support underneath.  Good times.

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