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Grand Plans!


I do have some grand plans in my head here lately, but first, I wanted to discuss another great read by Gene Luen Yang.  I love ‘discovering’ something that’s been around forever; makes me feel very anti-hipster.  I’m a dork and everything is always new.  I liken my new obsession with Gene Luen Yang to that of Neil Gaiman.

I will!

My first Yang book discussion is here and I hope to have many more.  Last night I read Level Up which punched me right in the face.  How badly I want that greeting card, to this day.  Read the book and you’ll understand.  And seriously, how can you not love this cover?

My mom took mine and gave it away. For real.

Anyway, I am busy-ish.  Tomorrow I think I’m going to attempt to rent a power washer.  Oh, just wait for the update on THAT.  I need to finish staining the deck (yeah, the one I started last year) and I decided that I needed to paint the garage doors.  I didn’t really intend to do the garage doors any time soon, but since I’m (hopefully) renting the power washer, I guess I might as well.

I’ll update more when I have pictures to show. I’m suddenly all antsy about mini projects, major projects and maybe even a visit from friends over Memorial Day weekend.  It’s as if all the sudden I have a life.

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