this thing is still about things

Anne Doye


I’m annoyed.  Like, annoyed in italics.  It’s partially due to stressors beyond my control like the Mr. going to the emergency room (three different trips for three different members of our family in as many months) and the upstairs A/C crapping out.

Fuck you, AC Slater.

And then I found prints on my deck and thought there might be a Rigby hanging round.

Sans coffee induced rabies, I hope.

Turns out they were just opossum tracks.

Possums or monkeys. Probably Possums. Also a cat going the other way.

Miscellaneous dumb shit that annoys me:

No, Amazon, I didn't mean "mapping the and and environment". WTF? Stupid.

Way to go again, CNN. Y u no grammar check?

Lastly, Josh is tap dancing on my last nerve.  It’s his birthday week and we’ve been trying to do fun projects this week.  He got this little number:

It's freaking so cute and little!

I don’t think he has the attention span to use it.  We have tried and I asked him flat out: “do you want to work on this or watch TV” and he refused to answer.  Not answering on purpose is the kind of thing that makes me just lose my shit.  Maybe we will try later.

But not today.

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