this thing is still about things

Deep Thoughts


1. I have this feeling that there is a monster living in the basement of the neighbor’s house. It watches me when I’m on the deck doing deck things:

Sing it, Rockwell!

2. I really like aprons.  This is my favorite one, and I wish I would have had it embroidered but it was a Christmas gift and my local embroiderer moved away.

Purple bunny is Robin's first poop toy.

3. Potty training is going pretty well.


4. Except for this frustration:

Scumbag toddler.

5. Josh’s birthday is on Thursday and he will be 60 months old, LOL.  I hate that.  He’s 5 years old.  5 years old sounds older than 60 months.  He’s so little.

It's happening.

Today we’re making Plaster of Paris fossils today and tomorrow I’m going to teach him how to use a coping saw and miter box so we can make some frames for our puzzles.  I need some distraction while the new A/C units are going in.  They are only 25 years old, so I guess it’s time for the investment.  Good times.

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