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Valentine’s Day Recap


My Valentine’s Day was actually pretty great this year.  I’m a dork and half so when I got these, I was So! Excited!


As you may have seen previously, I really do fucking love puzzles.  So the Mr. got me this, this and this off of my Amazon Wishlist.  I think I’m most excited about the Proverbidioms puzzle.  It’s very surreal and it’s fun sitting there trying to figure out the proverbs and idioms.  There are supposed to be 300 and I’m not going to look it up online; I’d rather figure it out myself.  Nerdy excitement!

Here is the aftermath of dinner:

Don't judge me for my messy kitchen. There are so many other things to judge me for.

Outback dinner sucked so bad. I ordered online for curbside pick up; the time they gave me was 7:30.  The Mr. was there by 7 waiting patiently in line.  And waited and waited and waited for 40 minutes.  Then they brought him the wrong order.  He got home around 8 and my steak was cold (of course!).  We paid extra for asparagus and I had to throw it out because it smelled like gasoline–they threw them on the grill which normally would have been phenomenal, but here is a protip:  don’t use lighter fluid directly on the grill.  Or don’t put vegetables directly on gasoline, or don’t cook asparagus on the engine of a car.  What the fuck ever, it was gross.  It definitely wasn’t worth the money and we’ve decided to do Valentine’s dinner the night before from now on.  On the upside, the cupcakes I made were defuckinglicious:

So many cupcakes!

Some triple chocolate something or other.  Came out wonderfully, but seriously, does anyone get a full 24 cupcakes out of a box of mix?  I always get 22-23 if I really stretch it.  White icing with whatever pink and red sugar sprinkles I had on hand.  I ate one for lunch today, so I’ve got to get them out of the house ASAP.

Overall, still a good Valentine’s day.  I got the Mr. a Kindle cover which he says he liked but I swear, after all these years I feel like I still can’t read him sometimes.  Also, just for fun, here is a picture of my 13 year old cat looking old and grizzled:

Looking of into the distant past...or maybe just a spot on the wall.

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