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My Boys


I got two amazing Valentines this year, one from my husband (!!!) and one from one another amazing man who sent me this:

Not the first time I've been called "Foxy", actually.

Of course, I blocked out my street address, but I noticed today that the Valentine got sent even though the sender omitted the zip code.  LOVE CONQUERS ALL!

To clarify, I expect to be compared to Foxy Brown (Bad Ass Pam Grier) and not Foxy Brown (Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand no shit that’s her name).

Like looking in a mirror!

Speaking of love, Josh and Robin made Valentines for Daddy.  Josh’s was particularly awesome:

"These hearts don't like Valentine's Day." (I drew the face on the small heart upon request.)

But wait, there’s more!  I requested that Josh draw two things he likes to do with Daddy on the inside of the card:

"Daddy and me riding bikes."

"Daddy and me playing basketball."

Josh also thought it was hilarious that he and Daddy had three legs.  HE DREW THE BOYS WITH THREE LEGS.  I am just going to leave it at that.

Also, my son loves his Grandma, so he made her a card as well:

Love = Monsters and Eyeballs

"I love Grandma even though I have claws for slashing!"

Robin also made cards, or should I say, directed me to make cards.  None of my cards were even close to being as amusing as Josh’s.  Maybe next year.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

5 thoughts on “My Boys

  1. cody

    hehehe… i love how many times you enter my mind during the day. and them legs on that little heart from texas is almost as cool at the three legged folk. he hee!! i <3 you, foxy!

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