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Things have been weird lately.  For instance, it’s 11 PM and I just ate a salad.

Other than the random strange goings on, I have done my first ever machine quilting!

Just barely.

Dorks rejoice!  I get it now.  I’m hand stitching the binding as always.  The quilting  isn’t perfect but nothing I do ever is–how in the hell would you know I made it if it was all about straight lines and good seams?

Also, how would you know I took this picture if the lighting was correct or it was in good focus?

Second quilt is ready to go into the machine when I get around to it.  I imagine that the quilting will be better on this one than the first.  Secretly, I want to keep them for myself.

I'm pretty pleased with myself, actually.

In other news, I found two things that I am disproportionally excited about:

RACCOOOOOOOOOOOON! (clicky/snappy wallet, $9.99 at Target)

Cats. On motorcycles.

To answer you question, no I don’t have a clue as to what I’m going to do with this.  What the hell does anyone do with this?  I’m sure it will go into a quilt as that would be the only practical answer.  I thought about a Hawaiian-style shirt for the cat, but I love my cat.  The  remnant bin at JoAnn’s is my favorite!

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