this thing is still about things

Yellow? Are you there? Yellow?


Well fuck a duck.  I have a problem.

I don't have *that* kind of problem. With ducks, anyway.

On my annual Christmas yarn splurge, I bought two hanks of Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Tonal in Golden Glow because it’s So. Freaking. Pretty:

I still love it! And now it's being discontinued??

I had a few ideas, but ultimately, all I think about is looking like a big, fat, yellow…thing.

What is this guy? Anyway, I'd look like him.

I think it’s going to have to sit until I can tone it down with some charcoal gray or something.  Yellow is best used as an accent rather than a head to toe cloak, not that I was ever planning on doing that in first place.  Now now, anyway.

I queued this in October 2008 and this yarn is the perfect color.  But I’m not really a yellow kind of girl.  Okay, I’m “yellow” in the racist sense but you know what I mean.  I spend my life trying to hide and blend in.  The easy thing would be to forget about this and make little sweaters or cardigans for the kids who by default of age and innocence are totally sunny, yellow kind of kids.  But let’s be serious, I am selfish beyond belief.  And maybe NOT being a yellow kind of person is part of my problem.  Maybe I should just be a bit more outgoing with big punch of yellow.

Or, I would be that girl that everyone knows as “that girl with the big stupid yellow scarf”.

Still undecided.  My concerns over yellow are based solely on the color yellow itself, and not  this unbelievable piece of racist bull shit by some fuckface from Michigan.  I was questioning yellow before anyone questioned yellow.

I'm the original yellow hipster.

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