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What the hell has been up with my blogging schedule lately?  I don’t think I have a life, so I don’t know why I haven’t been doing more of this.  I’ve been sick, doing puzzles, taking kids to the emergency room in the middle of the night, knitting, playing video games and generally goofing off as normal.  I did read two more books and I wanted to wait until I had finished both before reviewing them.

The first is Dark World by Zak Bagans.  I know, I know.  But I am going to officially state that I am a fan of Zak and Ghost Adventures.  Because those guys are dorks.  Like ZOMG DID YOU SEE THAT??? dorks.  Because they look like friends who are still excited about what they do and can’t believe they get paid to do it.  I’m a fan of enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, this is definitely not a book I’d buy because it doesn’t seem as if it’s written for me.  I watch the show and the reruns so much, it was much like an old friend telling you a story you’ve heard a thousand times.  I think it’s written for people who haven’t seen much of the show because a fair portion of the book is recapping cases.  I was more interested in learning about him personally, like his appearance on Wheel of Fortune (!!!!!)

Fun Fact: Pat Sajak was an Army DJ during the Vietnam War!

I like that the book is written casually in the first person, dorky and all around regular guy way I’ve come to expect from Zak and his show.  Also, I follow him on Twitter and he’s pretty normal for a thirty something bachelor.  I found his personal stories more interesting than anything else and I’m not sure if there wasn’t more included because there simply weren’t any more or if he felt they were too private.  Even though I wouldn’t buy this book, I’d definitely read anything else he writes in the future.

The second book is Ghost Files by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson of Ghost Hunters fame.  Okay, that’s not the full title, but it’s really long and I can’t be bothered to look it up.  I will say first, that I liked this book better than Zak’s but I still wouldn’t pay money for it.

Why is Grant always so sleepy looking? Did they switch his coffee with chamomile tea?

Honestly, I think this book was better for a few reasons:  like this is actually a compilation of two books and they probably had a bigger writing budget (time and money).  It doesn’t hurt that they have more years of experience to draw from.  The cases they discussed were mostly before Ghost Hunters was on the air but it also gave you some insight into some of the on screen drama.

Yeah, you. Goofass.

The personal stories were interesting to say the least and the cases they worked on before border on the unbelievable.  I am having a serious Mulder moment here:  I want to believe.  I really do!  But as all of these shows have taught me, you need to have proof.  Writing it in a book doesn’t make it true (unless it’s a Death Note and you still need to write it correctly).

One thing that I find glaring is a story of demonic possession that was supposedly the “episode that was never aired”.  The book writes it off as a hoax , (observing man giving himself demon scratches, a woman with a fake possession) with some weird elements (a door that is always padlocked and a man that cried like a baby when asked to open it).  However, on the TAPS website, there was a story by either Keith or Carl Johnson, their former demonologists) that was eerily similar that has since been taken down.  This story was what sounded like a full on possession.  So was there a possession and they want to play it down now, or was there never a possession and posted a fake story on their website?

UPDATE:  I totally forgot I wrote this post and it’s been sitting in my draft file for about a week.  Also, my library books are now overdue.  FML.  I am single handedly financing the public library system.

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