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I am Bad Ass, Part 2


I was on a high school field trip to a museum waiting for my friends to join me.  While waiting, I watched a video about how an entire rose farm was decimated when a river  tributary dried up.  It was really sad because it was a small family run business that went bankrupt through no fault of their own.  What was amazing was that the rose farm was in the middle of the desert and had been in business for generations.

The museum was huge with restaurants and a carnival.  I was in one of the restaurants and my friends never showed up.  Everything is suddenly closed, and I was with Leonardo DiCaprio and a small group of people after hours.  Leo was some sort of evil being who wanted me to join his group and I suddenly knew that my friends never showed up because he had them all killed.  I used this information to trick him and I went to him crying about how they all ditched me.  He was protecting me from his minions who all wanted to kill and eat me.  We were all in the basement level of this building and there is a high school gym there.  Across the gym I see a teacher leaving; she shouldn’t have been there so late and everyone was ready to attack and eat her.  The teacher was very pregnant and I knew I had to save her and her baby so I played dumb and struck up a conversation with her.  Since I was being protected, I knew that nothing would happen to her while she was with me.  I convinced her it was time to go and she wanted to use the elevator, but I knew the minions would corner us in the elevator so I insisted we take the stairs.  I was trying to get her home to her husband and at every turn there was someone blocking our way.  Suddenly we’re in the kitchen of a busy restaurant which is also the way to get into her condo.  Down the hallway we saw her sister but something wasn’t right.  Lined up the hallway was a row of people praying and her sister was actually tied up at the end of the hallway with blood running down her leg.  There were bloody footprints everywhere.  A dark shadow figure stepped out and began chasing us.  We ran out of the kitchen into the dining room of the restaurant and everyone began shouting numbers:
I am 5!
I am 2!
I am 1!
I am 3!
I am 4!
Each number (1-5) represents a demon and people are becoming possessed as we run through the restaurant. Some people are attacking us with knives, other people are flinging themselves out of plate glass windows.

I somehow protected the teacher as we ran into traffic but I was getting slashed and stabbed repeatedly.   We were saved only when my mother shows up with a shopping cart and pushes us to safety.  My last thought was that I needed to heal quickly so that I could go back and kill Leonardo.

I have no idea why I keep getting so bloodied up in my dreams lately.  Last night I had another dream that I was in a reality TV show that was run by Oprah; it was some kind of head to head geography contest.  The loser was executed and I ended up winning but only barely.  I remember saying “you know how much money she has that she can legally kill people for entertainment”.  After I was released from the show there was another series of knife fights.  WTF is up with the knives lately?  

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