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I am Bad Ass, Part 1


I would like to preface the following posts by saying I am totally like this in real life.  Don’t cross me.  Don’t even hang out with me if you don’t plan on going out in a hail of gunfire or super awesome demon possessed knife fights.


I am running in the dark on a highway that has been cut into a mountain.  I am with someone or someones.  There is some sort of magic in the way we are being attacked–someone is throwing rocks at us while we run but they turn into giant boulders.  Are we miniaturized or are the rocks growing at an incredible rate?  I can dodge the rocks until the last one-it’s nearly the size of the cut into the mountain.  It’s coming at me so fast but I can stop it, though it’s pushed me back some.  We’re jumping, climbing, racing until we reach  our attacker and corner him in the lobby of some sort of building.  I think we’re in a mall.  I kill him in one strike to the throat and we hide his body in a trash can.  We’re walking out the front doors and they’re locked but I find a way to open the doors and we go into the parking lot.  It’s almost dawn and very light gray outside.  There are a handful of cars in the parking lot; I can see people inside.  Suddenly we are all separated and running again, trying to find a place to hide as gunfire erupts.  I’m trying to find a place to hide that will shield me from the bullets but I keep getting hit and it BURNS.  Someone comes around a wall and corners me with a automatic weapon.  He doesn’t hold back and time stops.  I can’t breathe and I can feel my chest hot with blood.  I’m on the ground now and I can smell the concrete under my head.  I remember being so angry that I was going to die like this after how hard all the other obstacles were that I had overcome.  Suddenly I hear Robin’s voice calling to me because she has a bloody nose.  She’s still sleepy and is barely awake.  Everyone stops so that I can attend her.  We’re suddenly in a doctor’s office, standing in her pajamas with her eyes closed just mumbling about her bloody nose.  My vision is so blurry now that I can’t make out details, only contrast in light and dark.  I’m wiping at her face with a tissue but all I’m doing is wiping my blood on her.  She’s still half asleep and tries to get into my arms to go to sleep but I can’t lift my arms anymore.  Everything goes black.

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