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I’ve been obsessed with puzzles lately.  I am not sure what it is; I think it’s just part of being crazy.  It started at Christmas so it’s been less than a month.  I’ve been doing puzzles as if my life depends on it.  It’s a nice distraction and it’s satisfying–it’s an immediate and visual accomplishment.  Not to mention it puts my amazing Tetris skills to good use.  Here’s what I’ve done in the past 30 days (click to embiggen):

I even have an Amazon Wish List just for puzzles.  There is a slideshow video of the progress of one of the 9,000 piece puzzle that is quite amazing.  Even more amazing is a picture that was part of the slideshow:

I don't like puzzles this much.

Now, I’m sure this is just a trick of the picture…some sort of wardrobe malfunction.  But seriously, why would you add *this* picture to the slideshow?  I have about 9 more puzzles to do; I wonder how long it will take me to finish them.

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