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Happy New Year!


I have spent the past few hours prepping my bedroom for paint.  My box springs are on the front lawn and my mattress (where I am comfortably lounging watching Saints v. Panthers) is on the living room floor.  The Christmas tree is still up.  The kids running around being kids.  Not bad for the first day of the year.

All the upheaval in bedroom furniture comes from our shopping spree yesterday at The Dump (nice name, right?).  We bought a new mattress AND a new solid wood mahogany bed AND two new nightstands.  I am 32 years old and have been married for 9 years.  I’ve owned my home for 8 years.  We have never had a bed for our king sized mattresses and we have never ever had nightstands.  I’m really excited and I wish I had pictures.  I will post once it’s all set up.  Everything was supposed to be delivered today but they screwed up the scheduling so now it will be delivered on Tuesday.  This is good because 1.) $99 + tax delivery fee is waived 2.) I don’t have to kill myself painting my bedroom in less than one day (I was only going to paint one wall, but now I can do the whole room properly) and 3.) I get to camp out in the living room!  I’m a dork.

In other news, I am going to start digging my grave now, because I feel old as shit:  Wayne’s World is 20 years old now.


How did 20 years pass already?  This is truly one of my favorite movies.  So ridiculous, so funny.

Thought provoking.

When I say “I laughed, I cried, I hurled” to my children, they will think I’ve had a stroke or  possibly early onset dementia.  Will they think of Jimi Hendrix when hearing “Foxy Lady” or will they see Garth dancing in a doughnut shop?  Worrisome.


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