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ChÜberlist 2012: Year of the Norm


I've been to Boston once. Never went to see Cheers, though. Lame.

Where the fuck have I been?  Oh yes, dealing with people that are just completely inept at doing their jobs.  More on that later.

Also, a little thing called Christmas happened and the kids had a blast.  They got completely spoiled this year.  They had a good budget and they’re at the perfect age where you can still get a lot for not a whole bunch of money.  Pretty soon, the same budget will barely cover one thing I’m sure.  Not looking forward to that.

I want a hand carved Wii, please.

In what may be a first, someone has intentionally copied me!  Not in an ironic or sarcastic way, even!  My friend Leslie is doing her own list this year, proper titled Teh Queenly Prospectus.  Unbeknownst to her, I planned on scaling my list back this year as well in hopes to become a more normal human being.  lolwut?

I don't think I know any more Norms.

Without further ado:

Home Stuff
1. Paint the kitchen.
2. Paint my bedroom.
3. Paint my bathroom.
4. Finish staining the deck by May 1.
5. Get an estimate on a bathroom remodel.
6. Replace the kitchen windows.
7. Clear out the driveway flower beds and get rid of those stupid crepe myrtles.

Mom Stuff
8. Find some social outlet(s) for the kids other than library story time.
9. Spend more time outside by having old school recess:  15 mins in the morning, 30 mins after lunch and 15 mins in the afternoon.10. Set more defined goals for homeschooling by 1/31 and have lesson plans done 1 month in advance.11. Robin to be potty trained.
12. Designate one day a week to kids only (no chores, Mom shows, etc)
13. Have appropriate daily and weekly chores for Josh.

Me Stuff
14. Make two positive health changes per month and stick with them.
15. Learn a new technique every month. Non restrictive to knitting.
16. READ ALL THE THINGS! Or read/audio book 6 books this year.
17. Create weekly lists for smaller, more manageable goals.
18. Keep a daily old timey hand written journal again. Even if it’s one or two lines, I will write in it daily.
19. Make my health more of a priority for myself. I am the one that dismisses myself the most.
20. Three words: more video games.
21. Make a serious and conscientious attempt to stop all the fucking cussing around the damn kids.
22. Learn how to take 15 minute naps.

Crafty Stuff
23. No craft limits (i.e.: no buying yarn unless I a certain amount of yarn.) I am an adult, dammit and I can buy stuff and not use it if I want to.
24. Make bed sheets and pillowcases for the kids.
25. Find a good quote to draw on the wall in the living room.
26. Knit the family some thick wool house socks.
27. Buy better yarn. Spend for quality.
28. Knit a shawl.
29. Knit a sweater.
30. Steek something.
31. Knit myself gloves.
32. Learn how to properly use the walking foot on my sewing machine.
32. More colorwork knitting!

More Me Stuff
33. Shop at local small businesses more.
34. Start taking an allergy pill so I don’t die.
35. Donate to PBS and Child’s Play.
36. Go to the hair salon 4 times.
37. Weekly at home manicure.
38. Cook more Chinese and Thai food; recreate childhood favorites.

This might very well be my shortest list ever.  Of any list I’ve ever made.  But, to celebrate the Year of the Norm, I am thinning out my list because every new day brings more surprises.  I’d rather have an actual handle on my life for once and learn from my past for once. In summary:

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” ― Joseph Campbell

Happy New Year!

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