Enough of this

Today is December 15.  Midway through the month of December.  It was 72 degrees today.

If we had snow, this would be applicable.

I changed my header today because it’s probably the only snow I’ll see.  Earlier this year during Snowpocalypse life was fantastic–we were trapped for nearly a week.  I have food and toilet paper in my house so things were fine.  If the electricity went out that would surely have sucked, but we have a gas stove, fireplace and blankets.  I would be happy to just have cold weather at this point.

I blame this guy.

There are scores of of people who would love to have my weather and if they never saw snow again it would be too soon.  But I miss snow.  I miss playing in the snow.   I grew up in Illinois where there wasn’t just snow, but SNOW.  Will my kids ever know the delight of a snow day off of school?  Or how about being old enough to have a snow day and driving perilously on sheets of ice to go somewhere, anywhere other than school?

My windows are open.  This week I made a huge pot of chili, and while it was good, it felt like a farce.

I don’t know how I’m going to get through this.

Potential self portrait.

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