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Boo Boo


I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.  Or at least, I did yesterday.  I was coming downstairs with an empty laundry basket and my laptop.  I stepped down into the living room and stepped on an overturned melamine bowl and fell like an asshole.  I seriously screamed and could not move for about 10 minutes.  I thought I broke my ankle because I couldn’t move my foot but eventually the shock wore off.  While falling, I tried used my forearm to break my fall.  Of course I broke my fall with my forearm against the sharp corner of a cabinet.  I didn’t draw blood, but it’s swollen and will soon bruise nicely.  I jacked up my ankle, wrist, arm and my neck, but the important thing is that my laptop is fine.  It’s all about priorities.

In other less dramatic news, I can scratch one more thing off of my ChÜberlist:

17. Knit pair of socks for Robert

For my cold blooded lizard husband, these are the perfect socks.  Worsted weight 100% wool.  He was literally amazed at how warm they are.  He immediately requested, nay, DEMANDED that I make him more socks.  He hasn’t taken them off since they were finished, so I guess that means he likes them.

I also decided to make some pink cookies today; I used this recipe with the following changes:

3/4 tsp raspberry extract
1 c semi sweet chocolate chips only
7 drops red food coloring

In the oven

I think I’d like a more intense raspberry flavor; I will try 1 tsp raspberry extract next time.  I also want a brighter pink; these weren’t vibrant enough for my aesthetic.

Pink, but not pink-pink

In other news, I can’t believe it’s only 10 more days until Christmas.  I have more knitting and crafting to do, but with my arm and wrist jacked up, it’s going to be a rough go.  Boo me.

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