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ChÜberlist: 2011–November Update


Wow.  November was busy with lots of doings but not much finishings.  I am certain I didn’t get anything done that was officially ChÜberlist, but the things I did get done are totally going to count towards my list.

Extra Credit 1: New double ovens, counts as two!

I can order double the take-out with these babies!

Extra Credit 2: New palladium windows!  Paid for at least, to be installed soon.  I’ll be glad to count it as two, too.

My life is so gloomy.

Extra Credit 3: Entrelac baby blanket is going to take place of every knitted thing on my list ever.  Or at least a few of them.  That was a project and a half.

My friends embarrass me, but they liked it :)

On the to do:

17. Knit pair of socks for Robert

...and maybe get my Christmas cards out on time.

Finish quilt to replace every other sewing thing that I didn’t do this year.

10 more X squares plus all the borders, edges, backing, edging and quilting.

In other news, here’s the semi-completed miter square blanket.

I like this very much, actually. There is also a kid under there.

Weaving in ends will be no problem, but the border will be some tedium.  I also got my annual Christmas delivery from Knit Picks:


La, la, la, la, la, la, so that’s how I’m cheating myself this year.

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