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Whats the CRAPS?


No, no.  No one had the craps.  But read Selkie.  I love it and you will, too.  The art progressively gets better and the story is wonderful (so far).  It will tug at your black, shriveled-up heart strings.

Also, I’m dumb, I didn’t know that the word ‘selkie’ is an actual mythological creature.  That comic makes a lot more sense and I’m slightly less stupid than I was a minute ago.

If you were unaware, it’s the fifth fucking day of the last fucking month of the year.  Which means I have less than 20 days until Christmas and much less considering shipping.  I tried, I really tried.  I only have a few knitted things left.

And a whole quilt.  That is not close to being done.  FML.  AND, for the second year in a row, I didn’t make my son a personalized Christmas stocking even though his younger sister has one.  He doesn’t know any better because right now, he has the biggest stocking and that’s all that matters when you’re 4.  But as a mom, I feel like a total failure.

As a wife, I am also feeling failure-ish because the Mr. is a lizard and always has cold feet.  Every pair of socks I’ve knitted he has mentioned this fact to me.  I said I would make him birthday socks (February) which he balked at because it’s cold NOW.  (It was 71 degrees today, I hate up and down weather).  So I am making worsted wool socks for the Mr.  No way would I be done with an actual sock yarn sock in time for Christmas.  Now he will have some very warm, thick socks.  And then I’ll just have to make him the sweater that I’ve been promising him for the past 5 years or so.

The kids and I made bead and pipe cleaner ornaments.  I fingerprinted them and took DNA samples.  Robin had her first real puke on me and felt cruddy for about half a day.  The blanket I blogged about last is done save for a border and weaving in ends.  I use it every day, which I probably shouldn’t.  I worry it’s going to fall apart but it’s not like I can’t fix it.

I haven’t really taken any pictures except for some things that have gone directly to Facebook.  My November update isn’t done, haven’t thought one iota about a list for next year.  I’ve only been slightly lazy but have definitely not been feeling guilty or blargy about it.  There has been great football on, I’ve been buying Christmas gifts for my kids (and myself!) and will surely get some pictures of something soon.  What I really need to do is blog about the dreams I’ve been having, but I’ll save that for another post.

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