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I have been slack this month, but I’m not one to sign up for NaBloPoMo.  So here’s what’s been going on:

1.  Josh, the Mr. and I put together a puzzle.  I’d say I did about 80%:

Amazing! It looks *just* like a puzzle!

2. I finished a baby blanket for a friend of mine.  I started an insanely long time ago.  I should have just had the baby for them; it would have been less work:

Husband's leg not included.

It's the perfect size for a baby. A baby elephant. In other words, it's big.

Entrelac with a crocheted border.

3.  I was lucky enough to replace my antique 24″ oven/microwave combo with a new double oven!


The installation was going to cost about $400 because they had to cut the cabinets to accommodate the new 27″ double oven.  They were scheduled to deliver the ovens on a Saturday between 8 AM and noon.  When did they deliver it?  6:30 AM.  Seriously.  They got such an earful from me that my installation was free.  I estimated that for every time I screamed ‘fuck’ I received a dollar.

After. Shiny and new!

Ovens were in in time for Thanksgiving.  It was amazing.  Cooking more than one thing at a time?  I’m rich, bitch!

4. Speaking of Thanksgiving:

Wonky, just like our family.

5. The thing that happens after Thanksgiving:

Here we go...

Christmas is still like, three months away, right?

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