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ChÜberlist: 2011–October Update


The further along I get, the less and less I remember what the hell my plans were at the beginning of the year.  What was I doing again?  Something?  Definitely something.

October has been a month of a bunch of somethings, actually. That’s how it is with projects: they take a minute/months so some months are a big fail and some months are big wins:

40. Take the family to the Zoo.–Done!

baby apes,

mingo butts,

and lots of lazy animals (pandas, sun bears, lions, jaguars...) It was sleepy times when we went.

49. Do one home repair item per month: stain and seal deck & 50. (counts as two)–done.


73. Make a Halloween quilt by Halloween.– done!

shitty pic, but a pic's a pic

There are a ton of things that are not going to get done on that list.  But I’ve been busy and things are getting done.  Like a new window!  A new double oven!

I'm also kickin ass, takin names and cleanin house.

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