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I like doing things efficiently.  It must be my German nature (actually, I hear that Chinese people are pretty efficient, so I guess that’s where I get it from.  But saying I’m German is just sillier to me and it’s my blog so German it is).  When the Mr. sees me doing something efficiently or ingeniously he asks where I learned it from.  And I don’t know how to answer him–I just do it the best and fastest way possible.  If I have any skills, that would be one of them.

So when I saw this tutorial, I knew I had to do it.  I HAD TO DO EEET.  It worked out well, and I learned a lot.  I decided to test it on a small quilt that I didn’t care if I screwed up on:


Yeah, I am not using batting here.  I’m using a cheapy blanket that I’ve had in the closet forever.

Quilt top upside down on a shower curtain, ready to spray.

I didn’t tape anything down, because I’m lazy.  I probably should have since everything was so slick.

The blanket down and smoothed out. I should have smoothed it out on the quilt side.

It turned out fine, and made it super easy to quilt.  I quilt by hand and suck balls at safety pinning quilts.  I don’t know what it is.  Impatience?  Just plain spaz ass?  Either way, this is the new thing for me.  This little baby quilt turned out pretty cute in a country sort of way:

Done and bound.

As you can see, it’s still a bit wobbly looking; mostly because I didn’t smooth the quilt top down (I smoothed the blanket/batting side down).  Since this was my first attempt, I didn’t really figure out that I could just pull it all apart and re-smooth it and it would still stick.  The kids have since commandeered this little quilt and fight over it constantly.

I'm just happy it folds into a square rather than a weird ass rhombus.

I’m using this method on the big Halloween quilt which will be done soon.  I’m just finishing up the binding and since everything is done by hand, it takes a million years.  I am buying a walking foot before the weekend is out, because my fingers are going to die if I keep quilting like this.

In other news, IT HAS BEEN COLD.  Windows open, two blankets on the bed, everyone sleeping in cold.  I am the happiest girl in the world.

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