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REVISED: ChÜberlist: 2011–September Update


Yay!  I did finish one more thing this month:

Now I can play Tetris Battle!

6. Knit hat collection for myself (hat a day) – need six more; one needs to be frogged and re-knit. One each in the collection should be a slouchy tam and one should be Fair Isle.  I just finished this.  It’s 1:40 AM.  It needs to have ends sewn in, blocked, etc, but I say it’s done.  I am also going to count this as a Fair Isle for me, and it definitely counts as a hat.  It’s gigantic to fit my gigantic head.  I should go as Bev Bighead for Halloween, but it’s not the 90’s anymore.  The design is here and I love it but I should have tweeked it better for this hat.  There is too much negative space between the patterns and it repeats 3 times for the size.  I should have done only two and done a separate design in between.

Whatever.  A win’s a win.

Now I can get back to more gift crafting.  I do need to take pictures of the stranding; I’ve not done it before because my floats were stupid but suddenly now they’re not.   I’ll take it.

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