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On Getting Old(er)


The first time I saw him was in the late 90’s and he was perfectly cute in that 90’s way.  Just enough of a bad boy without being a total criminal.  He did just enough drugs without being a junkie.  He was stupid but not completely retarded.  And he had that 90’s hair:

Mark 'Dags' D'Agastino--he even had a 90's style nickname!

Fast forward to present and our hero is now 40 years old.  Which makes me no longer in high school.  I’m happy to be an adult, but this is a painful and somewhat disgusting reminder that I’m an ADULT.

Now, I am not going to hate on Avengers, because I LOVE THE AVENGERS IN ALL CAPS.  Clint Barton is supposed to be young, but in the upcoming movie, he’s going to look like this:

What's the male equivalent of "butterface"?

Body?  HOT.  Costume?  HOT.  Face?

He's sad faced because I'm such a bitch.

Now, when I’m watching the movie, I am confident that I won’t even notice.  I know this is petty and small, but you know, I’m petty and small.

Oh, Black Widow boobies, how I covet thee.

Turkey neck. Insert sad trombone sound here.


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