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As bad as it sounds, I sometimes I forget that I am Asian.  Specifically Chinese and Thai.  I have little to no cultural ties, but some things strike chords so deep within me that I become shocked at my emotional response.

the best meals I’ve eaten remind me of a home I never had

In other news, I made a sinus clearing red thai curry for dinner last night.  It almost made me sweat.  I can’t claim it as the best ever since it didn’t have eggplant or basil, but it was the best all year, since I don’t make damn near enough curry.

Advisory: Will turn you into a fire breathing dragon.

One thought on “Identity

  1. Veronica

    I’ve only had curry once. I REALLY like it but have certainly never made any. You should just re-write your history. Liz claims that I did this when I scrap booked all of my childhood photos. In a way, looking at it, I can agree. I didn’t do it intentionally but if you were to look at these books without knowing any of my past, you would say “wow, that is a great story!” Kinda makes sense. Though I’m aware of this now and think about it as I do books for Ryann. *I* feel that her life, so far, has been “perfect”. It’s a crazy way to think about things. She wasn’t being mean when she pointed it out but it definitely gave me a different perspective. You are loved by many! Family is what you make it. “Love hard, laugh often”. As far as I’m concerned, you are my sister. We are so much alike! <3 you!

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